His Spiritual Aspect

Hazrat Sulaymān Efendi (Q.S.) was a Hanafī in matters concerning āmāl (deeds), a māturīdi in matters concerning I’tiqād (faith) and a Naqshī among the spiritual orders. He was an exceedingly devout member of Ahl-e Sunnah wal Jamā’ah. He strongly advised people to adhere to the tenets of Ahl-e Sunnah wal Jamā’ah, including his disciples, who spiritually benefitted from him and regular followers of his discourses.

In accordance with the divine decree, Hazrat Sulaymān Efendi (Q.S.) was privileged to be the 33. and final ring of Silsilah al-Sādāt after completing his sayr-al sulūk (spiritual Journey) under the supervision of Salāhuddin Ibni Mawlāna Sirāyuddin (Q.S.) who was the 32nd chain in the Silsilah. The tajalliyāt which he experienced was so high that Hazrat Salāhuddīn (Q.S.) had to entrust him to the spiritual hands of Imam Rabbāni Mujaddid-e Alf-e Thāni Ahmad Fārûqi al-Sirhindī (Q.S.) for the rest of his journey.

While approaching the end of time, he became a means for the salvation of people through his endless efforts, taking them from the pits of disbelief and placing them to the heights of īman (faith) and ikhlās (sincerity) and he continues to do so.

The great Ālim-u Dīn, Hazrat Sulaymān Hilmi Tunahan (Q.S.) struggled against every type of Kufr (disbelief) by means of his knowledge and actions. He became the defender of Ahl-e Sunnah at every platform, strived against the firaq-al dāllah (corrupt sects) and eliminated the frictions among the Muslims. He once addressed the public in the following words:

“O Muslim world, do you think that lies and slanders can be attributed to Rasulullah (saw) and his Ashāb (companions). (Don’t even make such an assumption) We (Ahl-e Sunnah) are alive.”