His Works

Hazrat Sulaymān Efendi (Q.S.) did not write many books. When asked about the reason for that, he explained in this way:

“I have regretfully seen the treasure like, priceless works of predecessors, which were written in candle light, being buried to decay, sold to grocery shops, dumped into bins and abandoned on the library shelves to rot and get dusty. In such a time when the madāris of a nation were shut down, their scripture changed and religious sciences tended to disappear, instead of writing new books, I found it more urgent and necessary to educate ‘living books’ (student) who could understand and explain the content of those scholarly works and transfer the knowledge from lines to the hearts and keep them alive.”

Below are some of the books he authored:

  • Hurūf (letters) and harakah (vowel points) of the Qur’an, A Brand-new Lay Out and Method for Teaching How to Read Qur’ān al-Karīm in the quickest way: This booklet which he published in 1958 is a Qāidah Book (Alif Juz) teaching how to read Qur’ān al-Karīm.
  • Risālah al-Kibrīt al-Ahmar wa Risālah Ikthīr al-Ulūm wa Mā’rifah
  • Mektuplar ve Bazi Mesāili Muhimme (Selected letters and important matters).

The last two works are to do with Tasawwuf (Sufism) and can be regarded as a summary and essence of Maktubāti Imām Rabbānī

  • Notes recorded by his students while commenting on Amma Juz (30th Juz)
  • Notes recorded by his students while commenting on Surah al- Fātiha, Surah al-Mulk, Surah al-Nūr, Surah al-Ahzāb, Surah al- Qiyāmah and some others.