Date (Miladi/Rumi)

1888 Hazrat Sulaymān Efendi (Q.S.) was born in the village of Ferhatlar from the town of Razgrad in the province of Silistra.
1902 He graduated from the Silistra Rushdiya Maktab and started his studies in the Satirli Madrasah.
1907 He came to Istanbul to continue his studies.
1913 He received his ijāzah from Ahmad Hamdi Efendi of Bafra, ranking first position.
1914 He enrolled in Qism al-Ālī of the Dār al-Khilāfa al-Aliyyah Madrasah, starting straight from the third year.
1916 He enrolled in the Tafsīr and Hadīth department of Madrasah al-Mutahassisīn (Sulaymāniyah Madrasah).
1918 He was qualified to teach in the madāris of Istanbul.
1919 He graduated from the Tafsīr and Hadīth department of Sulaymāniyah Madrasah.
1923 He graduated from Madrasah al-Qudhāt (Law Faculty).
1926 He visited his place of birth, Ferhatlar, for the last time and spent forty days there.
1928 His father, Osman Efendi passed away.
1936 He actively started his duty of Irshād (spiritual guidance).
1939 He was taken into custody for the first time and spent 3 days in the small cell (tabutluk) at the police station.
1944 He was taken into custody for the second time. He spent 8 days in the small cell (tabutluk) at the police station.
1949 The law which limitedly permitted the establishment of Qur’ān Schools, was issued.
1951 He moved from Sehzādebasi to Kisikli.
He started his first Qur’ān School activities on the ground floor of an old mansion provided by a businessman in Camlica.
1952 He opened the first official Qur’ān School, under the authority of Mufti of Uskudar, next to the Chilla-khānah of Hazrat Aziz Mahmūd Hudāyi.
1956 He was summoned to the police station to give a statement because he said in his sermons “Let us pray for our Muslim brothers.” during Algerian struggle against French imperialism.
1957 He was arrested after the organization of the “False Mahdi” incident in Bursa and was jailed for 59 days at the age of 69. He was tried and acquitted.
1959 (Wednesday 16 September) He passed away in his home in Kisikli/Istanbul at the age of 72.